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Adobe to delete some Macromedia software after merge

MacNN has an article up about the software they think the big merge is going to leave behind. Based on a report from NPD Techworld, they say:

2004 U.S. professional graphics and Web market share figures show Photoshop, Illustrator, Dreamweaver, and Flash as leaders in their respective markets, so it comes as no surprise that the four applications are expected to survive the merger, while Fireworks, Freehand, and GoLive will be eliminated.

I definitely agree with this accessment given the widespread feelings about the less liked application in the group. The article has stats on the programs’ market share and some interesting comentary on the report. The only thing i find odd is the reccomendation to Adobe to try to sell the Fireworks and Freehand programs. Fireworks may be able to find a buyer, but I can’t see Freehand finding one considering the lack of improvement the program has been given just from Macromedia in the past few years. My gut feeling says that even if Freehand and Fireworks could be sold the lack of use and market share will most likely kill the programs in a short period of time. Fireworks will only survive as a more professional alternative to Photoshop Elements and only because it has extra tools. I personally do not use Fireworks as an alternative to Photoshop but as an extension of Flash to do easy png manipulation, but I can see this being taken over by Photoshop. The missing links in all this are price and activation. Photoshop is just too expensive to be added to the Studio suite of apps and Adobe does not have a very good student pricing system set up. Product activation is completely different for Macromedia apps than for Adobe apps. One is the extremely easy fill out OPTIONAL registration form plus serial number on install(Macromedia); the other is a new complicated activation via web that requires Adobe’s direct permission to re-install much less to flip computers(Adobe). Which would you prefer?

Macromedia customer email

Macromedia just sent out an email to its current customers about the big merge. check it out below:

Dear Macromedia customer,

As you probably know, Macromedia and Adobe are joining together to deliver solutions for our customers that make great digital experiences possible.

With complementary technology platforms, products, and customers, we are both focused on enabling the creation and delivery of compelling content and experiences across multiple operating systems, devices, and media. Most importantly, we share a common mission for the future: to help people and organizations communicate better.

By combining the passion and creativity of two leading-edge companies with the diversity and energy of our respective customers, we will drive innovations that will inspire you to improve the ways people everywhere are experiencing and interacting with information. We look forward to working with you, our customers, as we create the future together.

The companies anticipate completion of this transaction by the fall of this year. Although we are currently engaged in integration planning, we will remain and operate as independent entities until the acquisition is complete. Macromedia customers should continue to contact Macromedia sales and support for Macromedia products and solutions.

We invite you to learn more about the acquisition, and, as always, we welcome your feedback.


Stephen Elop
CEO, Macromedia

I think it was a was a really good idea for Macromedia to give its customers this personal heads up. This way we can find out a little more about what’s going on for the horse mouth rather than from stock analysts, news rumor sites, and people like me who read google constantly hoping to not have to find a better platform.

Also there’s good news in a PDF on the Macromedia merger page. Apparently:
a) Flash Player keeps its sacred status.
b) Flash MX tools slowly transform into part of the “Photoshop family.”
c) Server products get much-needed marketing support.
d) Flash Video format gets instant credibility.
e) FlashPaper becomes a feature in Acrobat.
This is all good news for Flash geeks and hopefully this means that sometime in the future we’ll get an indept article on what the merge means for Dreamweaver, the other web design baby.

More information on the merge at Macromedia’s site

webmonkey wants us to stop worrying…

Wired News has a story from webmonkey that tried to soothe some of my worries. They think the coming merger will be good for cross application integration. I agree that i would love to have some of the application integration that macromedia has in its programs added to my design suite. I’d love to start a logo design in flash and then export it to any size in photoshop to finish up the work for publication.

This is really big… Adobe buys Macromedia!

Adobe buys MacromediaI’m sure all already know this but, it was announced today that Adobe is going to aquire Macromedia for 3.4 billion dollars in stock. This is a huge deal as to most used web design and animation products are put out by either of these companies. Plus the fact that the default standard for easy animation is Flash and the most open standard for document creation is the PDF. This can only be good for the world, but bad for the small developer. It is already impossible for a student to afford photoshop, does this acquisition mean the cost of macromedia studio is going to skyrocket?! Hopefully Adobe keeps the macromedia product costs down and developes a better pricing system as the over 1000 it costs to buy any of their products right now is just way to much!

Now some links to stories on the aquisition around the web:
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what slashdot is saying

the adobe press release

Homemade, painterly apple pie

Homemade painterly apple pie, mmm, mmmMmm, mmm. Gotta love that tasty homemade apple pie. In this case you also gotta love the painterly effects added to make the taste drip off the work. The piece was made using an original photograph taken of my wife’s wonderous apple pie immediately after placement in our oven. The work was created March 14, 2005, using Photoshop. Click though to see a larger version of the piece.
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Apparently my hosting sucks!

snippets of facial recognitionFirst off, the post. I created today’s work using an original photograph I took of my and my wife’s wedding rings inside of one of the wine glasses I painted that we used to drink wine during our wedding ceremony. I imported the image to Photoshop cropped and filtered and layered til, voila’, something cool. I think the piece has a mysterious sunrise/sunset quality that, given the context of the parts, harkens to the end of our single life and the beginning of our new life together.
Now to the rant about Powweb. Lately I have no been happy with my hosting provider. I have been their customer for over two years now and even host two sites with them, but recently they decided it was a good idea to mess with their servers once a week and my site has been going down during weekday hours in the morning or afternoon. One weekend it went down for over 4 hours and today I was down for TWO HOURS. Now I realize I don’t run an e-commerce site and my life souldn’t revolve around my site, but I pay for this service and believe I deserve at least the level of service guaranteed by the homepage. It would seem that zero-down-time-hosting means down once a week and you better not be trying to run a business. I am stuck with these guys til September, but after that I will be leaving for a better provider if things don’t change. I need warning if you’re going to take down the servers for maintenance. A web forum is not the only way to notify paying customers and should not be used as such. I need to know that you aren’t going to have a server failure once a month. I want the promised zero-down-time-hosting!
Anyway, this work was created March 13, 2005. Click though to see a larger version of the work.
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Snippets of facial recognition

snippets of facial recognitionUsing an old modified photo of my face i created this piece in Photoshop within the the span of about fifteen minutes. I really like how the use of this application and some older original work can help me to create something brand new in no time at all that is still successful from an artistic standpoint. In case you haven’t noticed this week has a Photoshop theme to it. I hope you enjoy the works I will post during the rest of the week, as I plan to create a new piece everyday before posting. This work was created March 9, 2005. Click though to see a larger version of the work.
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