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Curiosity kills nothing

CuriosityGazing out the back window, our cat seems curious as to the meaning of life. We know this is a farce meant to convince my wife and me to leave her alone. I took this picture late one afternoon when this extremely artistic scene materialized. The white of the cat blends gracefully into the subtile white tones of the blinds and the glow of the window. This is complemented quite nicely by the slight color found outside of the window. This photo was taken January 16, 2005. Click through to see a larger version of the work.
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Pyramids in green

Digital Media, second semester, final project, image gallery 4This work was part of the same project in which the Painterly image project, the Grainy image project, and the Colored glass image project were included. The work appears as a collages of geometric shapes that seem to direct the viewer in various directions. The green hues of the piece help to tone down the active franticness of the subject. This is yet another example of a way to create interestingly simple art in reletively little time via Photoshop. This work was created March 13, 2001. Click though to see a larger version of the work.
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Well that didn’t work…

I’m going to end the Free For All, but check the site out next month on the last Friday of the month.

Free For All Friday

Today is Free-For-All Friday! Free for All means you can post whatever you want on my blog. Say what you want to say, share a link, complain about household appliances, etc…all you have to do is login and post! For a theme why not post a link to your favorite museum and tell me why. I think the Cartoon museum in San Fransico is pretty cool, cause its filled with cartoons of course. Sorry for the late start, I only just discovered this and I will keep it open till at least 6 pm central USA on January 29, 2005.

Here’s how to do it:

1. Go to
2. Login/Password: guest/freeforall
3. Click on “Write” on the upper left menu
4. Enter a title
5. Check FFAF for the category on the right.
6. Type what you want to type for your message.
7. When you’re done, click “Save”.

1. Please keep it somewhat clean…if you don’t think I would post it, don’t. If I find spam or porn links I’ll turn this car around. I swear…
2. Feel free to link your blog…just make sure you say who you are. (sign your post)
3. I reserve the right to edit/delete inappropriate posts (or those with really obvious spelling mistakes)
4. Have fun!

What is that?

Arm in charcoal and conte crayonToday’s traditional artwork was created in one of my sketch books as practice for much larger and definitely cooler works. Here we see a forearm of an unknown person drawn in charcoal and conte’ crayon, a mixed media piece if you will. Piece excuse the haughtyness, but it seemed to be the best way to make this piece seem professional. The work was created Fall semester, 1999 while attending UNO. Click through to see a larger version of the work.
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Fire, fire, firewire drive

This week’s recommendation from is the wonderously large external firewire hard drive. I would love to have one of these 250 gig drives to take all my stuff everywhere with me and another to backup all my stuff all the time. LaCie is actually known for their creative industrial design and this drive definitly shows it with the simplicity that seems to match my iBook. On a side note, I an thinking of switching to Barnes and Noble as an affiliate but their links aren’t as nice as the amazon ones. They don’t have the auto updating price or the book cover picture, but their shipping is faster and some of their prices are smaller. Of course as you have seem today, Amazon has a wide range of products, so I think is going to stay amazon but one of my other sites may pick up the affiliation. Remember you can help support this site by purchasing products from the links throughout the site.

My head is spinning

Spinning headI created this head spin animation as part of an intro page for a site based around the Facial navigation project. The work was created but taking a series of digital camera photos of my head. I held the camera an arm’s length out from my head and snapped the series around the face. Then I imported the pics into photoshop and fiddled with them to get the images to have the blue color scheme look. Next I brought them into Flash and preformed a Trace Bitmap action on each frame to smooth out the images and lower the filesize. This created this reletively simple looking animation that took hours to prepare. The work was created during the Spring semester 2003 at UNO. Click through to see a larger version of the work.
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