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Fire, fire, firewire drive

This week’s recommendation from is the wonderously large external firewire hard drive. I would love to have one of these 250 gig drives to take all my stuff everywhere with me and another to backup all my stuff all the time. LaCie is actually known for their creative industrial design and this drive definitly shows it with the simplicity that seems to match my iBook. On a side note, I an thinking of switching to Barnes and Noble as an affiliate but their links aren’t as nice as the amazon ones. They don’t have the auto updating price or the book cover picture, but their shipping is faster and some of their prices are smaller. Of course as you have seem today, Amazon has a wide range of products, so I think is going to stay amazon but one of my other sites may pick up the affiliation. Remember you can help support this site by purchasing products from the links throughout the site.


This week’s recommendation from is the ever-insightful Tron. This extremely entertaining movie features a character that gets a little to close with his computer and ends up literally joining the game. I really love owning and watching this film, even though the computers are dated. I have even heard rumors that a re-make is in the works updated and made current with the latest viruses and the latest villains… I could put a rude Bill Gates or Michael Dell remark here or even a Steve Jobs one, but… Tron has inspired many over the years and hopefully it will even inspire you. Remember you can help support this site by purchasing products from the links throughout the site.

Apple Confidential 2.0

This week’s recommendation from is related to Macworld, which is going on right now in San Francisco, CA. Apple Confidential 2.0 is the definitive Apple Computer history book. It contains more stories about the creation and history of the one time master of the PC (personal computer) who has become the small market share company that make some of the greatest computer products out there, including the iBook that I currently own. I think this book is a highly interesting read and a must for all the mac-freaks out there and so I am officially making it this week’s recommendation. Remember you can help support this site by purchasing products from the links throughout the site.

Weekly recommendations

Starting today, I will be giving a weekly book recommendation from Once a week I will post a short book or other product recommendation from Amazon with an associated product link to You can help support this site by purchasing through these links. Also please use the Amazon search box under the links on the right to search Amazon for products and every purchase you make will help support this site. And now my first recommendation.

I purchased the Flash MX version of this exact book when doing research for my final project senior semester at UNO. The book was the only one to help me figure out how to use the web camera interface in Flash MX without the use of Flash Communication Server. The book is setup like an encyclopedia of sorts and can be extremely helpful when you have a strong background in Flash but need an everyday reference for those really confusing projects. I hope you enjoy Macromedia Flash MX 2004 ActionScript Bible by Robert Reinhardt, Joey Lott, Robert Reinhardt, Joey Lott.

Thanks for helping support the site and look for more interesting titles and products in the future.