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How to Break-Fast with a smile

Yom Kippur ended with me struggling to not really completely fast as usual (but getting a feeling that someone upstairs want me to try harder to be a better person and keep loving my kids more and more everyday) and with a smile and a stifled giggle from Mandy.

Where did the smile come from?

During the Ma’ariv (the evening service), Annabel came back to where Grandpa and I were sitting with Mama, Harry and Grandma. In order to get her to stay quiet for the final minutes of the fast, I told her we would stand on the Bima (stage up front), hear the Shofar be blown to signify the official end of the holiday, and then She would get to have a cookie during the Break-Fast (for me).

So they call all the children up front. I pick up Annabel and Mandy takes Harry. I quiet her down again on the stage and we hear the Tekiyah Gedolah (the Sans boy knocks it out of the park as usual) and immediately Annabel says, “All done, cookie Daddy!” with a big smile. Unfortunately there was still a couple minutes left before the cookie eating, but she did get her yummy sugar fix in the end.

a reason to tweet less?

giggle moment

hee hee, best unintentional cake innuendo ever.