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Digital Media – Artist’s Statement

While attending UNO for my senior semester as an art major I was required to an Artist’s Statement describing my influences and artistic ideas. Artist’s normally write Statements to introduce themselves to people attending a gallery opening, but I wrote mine to try to impress a small group of professors, who taught all types of art in all types of media, and to introduce them to the idea of web based media and Macromedia Flash being used to create art. Read the full Artist’s Statement after the jump. Continue reading ‘Digital Media – Artist’s Statement’

the CNET take…

CNET has its own little merger story up. they go into the history behind adobe and macromedia and try to rope microsoft into this discussion. I really think we can go ahead and delete MS from the equation as that oversize behemouth really needs to concentrate on getting out a product that doesn’t have the security concerns its flagship piece of junk does. (There is no reason a company with the resource of ms should continue to put out the junk os that they continue to release.)

how about a ramble for my own site to break the boredom?

well, i haven’t posted in a while… i was blank for about a week and a half before the free for all and now i haven’t even posted my ipod shuffle costume pics… instead i start to ramble about nothing in particular in order to give you something… how about we think of this as an artsy post because i am speaking like most of the art students i ever went to school with (college, in high school most knew they were full of it)…
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Constructive Criticism

Today I will begin a new weekly feature: Constructive Criticism. This feature requires me to pick two random words for the english dictionary and enter them into our favorite search engine. Then pick a page from that search at random. Finally, I will select a URL from that search engine page and describe its contents to all. The constructive criticism will include the search words, link to search engine page and of course link to the URL to be criticized. I will list three problems with the design of the site and three good things about the site including but not limited to the content and the over all design of the site.
But first, how can I make critique someone else’s site without looking at my own…
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