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Annabel’s Last Monthiversary

On September 17th, 2009 we celebrated Annabel’s last monthiversary. She turned 23 months old and we celebrated by going to Borders to play and we stories and especially to walk up and down the stairs. We can’t believe that in less than a month she will be 2 years old. Does it always go so quickly? Maybe if we did more dreadfully boring chores and tasks our babies wouldn’t grow up so quickly. But once she turns two I don’t think we get to count her age in months. Just like you stop counting in weeks when a baby turns 2 months I think you have to stop counting in months when your newly minted toddler turns the big 2-4 months. It’s all too quick isn’t it.

big girl blocks

big girl blocks

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I am Annabel and I am 6 months old. I live in a house in Metairie with my Mama and Daddy. I have a white cat named Gracie, a black cat name Gromit and Leo – he’s an orange cat. People say he looks like me – strawberry blonde and PRECOCIOUS. That’s what my mama says I am PRECOCIOUS it means I am very very very smart!

I am so smart that I already have blocks. Mama made them for me. Daddy says mama is precocious – I guess she takes after me. I am holding the “C” up because I am thinking about cats. There is an “A” on one side and that is for Annabel, there is a “B” on one side and that is for Baby Belle and there is a “D” on one side and that is for Devaney – of course.
Devaney is my third name – I have four names on my birth certificate – 34 letters – because I am very important. Annabel Margaret Devaney Schleifstein. I have more letters than the alphabet. Schleifstein used to belong to my daddy and Devaney used to belong to my mama and Margaret was my grandmother’s but now they all belong to me – just like Annabel.
My mama used to write about me – long ago when I was very small. But, she spends too much time feeding me and changing my diaper so I have taken over the writing – I think I am much better than her… it is because I am PRECOCIOUS. Before mama – this blog used to belong to daddy – but he only wrote about boring things… not about me.
I have to go now – mama is trying to change my diaper – I wish she would just let me go around without one – like the cats. When I am bigger I shall just use the litter box and then I won’t need diapers anymore.

baby’s legs

baby’s legs

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I knit Annabel some homemade baby legwarmers. I ordered a pair of baby legs for annabel after reading how well they worked for cloth diaper users – much easier than trying to pull some of those baby pants over her big cloth diaper bottom. But, I was disappointed when they came in because they are essentially knee socks without feet. I want something to come between Annabel and the floor when she starts crawling – but the baby legs are so thin they will hardly make a difference – especially for the $8-$18 dollars or so they cost. So, I knit her a pair. The pair I made will actually cushion her knees when she crawls on the bare floor – and most of the places she will be crawling aren’t carpeted so I definitely want some padding. These are just a smidge lose on her – but she will grow into them in about a month or so. I am making another pair slightly tighter (and pink and white) which should stay up a little better. Not to get me wrong – the babylegs are cute – they are just to expensive for how thin they are (plus most of the babylegs are made in China even though they were created by a SAHM and I would prefer to support our economy instead of sending my dollars overseas.)

the marks of motherhood

nursing earmarks

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At four months old – 13 pounds 6 ounces – 25 inches long and with a head 16 1/4 around it’s no wonder Annabel leaves earprints on my arm when she nurses.

daddy’s girl

driving my car – beep beep

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Sometimes when I look at Annabel she looks so much like Mike. Yes, she has my coloring and she has my area between nose and mouth and she has my hair coloring – but she has Mike’s eyes and eye color and lips and ears and fingers and toes and eyebrows and etc. Today I was looking at her and something just reminded me of Mike. I am glad she has my hair color and coloring because then she will always look like me – but I am also glad she has parts of MIke… especially his lips because he has such pretty lips.

guess what I did mama

Well, she did it – and just like in the movies – I missed it.

My baby girl rolled over!

It was Sunday the 27th of January in the year 2008. The time was 7:47 pm. (Does that sound formal enough for such a momentous event?) We were doing tummy time and I was reading her favorite book to her, “Where is Baby’s Belly Button?” when I decided to pick another book to read. I stood up and turned around to pick a book off of the top shelf. I turned around and there she was calmly lying on her back. For a half second I was confused – knowing something was wrong with this picture – and then I realized what it was, I had left her on her stomach and now she was on her back.

She hasn’t done it again. Oh but she’s tried poor thing. She scrunches her legs up under her, sticks her bottom in the air, kind of twists her torso and grunts and groans… but nothing. I have nine minutes of this on videotape.

Now that she knows she can do it I don’t think she is going to be happy again with tummy time until she figures out how to do it again. Hopefully we have alot more videotape.

100 and counting

a kiss in the park

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I missed my baby’s 100 days old anniversary day. I thought it was today (meaning Friday) but it was yesterday (Thursday). I guess this makes me a bad mama. Can I blame leap year? Or maybe that extra day in October – it always takes me by surpprise. And then there is the fact that I am studying English in grad school and we English grad students are known for being bad at math. Oh well.

By chance I happened to videotape her that day. I was thinking she was going to roll over (she didn’t) so I kept videotaping her. I have about 20 or 30 minutes (not all together) of her lying on her tummy. I would stop the tape when she would begin to get upset (didn’t want the viewers to think me a bad mama)and then start it up each time she looked particulaly rolly.

I don’t mind that she isn’t rolling over yet – I just want to make sure I am not holding her back. I try to give her adequate amounts of tummy time – and back time. I also turn her over when she looks like she is close to rolling so that her mind will understand the concept of turning over. While in truth I don’t mind her staying stationary for a bit longer (less to worry about – and in truth there is already so much I can choose to worry about) I want to make sure she has all her options open.

I can feel you all judging me. I AM NOT THAT KIND OF MOM, really I’m not. I am fine whenever she learns to do each and every thing. I would rather she is laid back about it all. Just so long as she is laid back and I’m not holding her back. See, what I’m not saying here is that I’m (we’re actually) thinking she might not be trying to roll over because of the cloth diapers.

Yup, she wears cloth diapers. The big old, old fashioned and bulkiy kind of cloth diapers. So, these bulky diapers are so unwieldy they might be keeping her stationary (which is wonderful at night with the whole sleep on her back thing) but may be an impediment for turning.

We do put her in paper diapers sometimes – but paper or cloth she is much more interested in trying to crawl – than in trying to turn.

So, with all these thoughts running around in my mind you can see how we missed her 100 day birthday. Hopefully we’ll catch the 200th day. Maybe I should start counting now.