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Well well well

Very little to say but that’s what blogging is all about, right? New job, new year, new thoughts, but not much for this page. I have been flickring though so look there too. Done with twitter though…


Sunny experimentation


Happy new year!

Happy 2013!


awe yeah, blog patch time

It been a year and 2 weeks since my last update

looking like I’m leaning on twitter too much… this is not as sad as how long I’ve let my flickr feed languish without an upload. Plus I’m taking pictures and so is the better half, I’m just to lazy to blog or upload (sign of the times really)… maybe if I can find a quick sketch app for the phone that auto uploads pics/sketches to this site/flickr with a short description?

Lazy web, where is this app and how much?

Why is this night different from all other nights?


Originally uploaded by The White House

Last night started the Jewish holiday of Passover and we headed over to my parents’ house for a shortened and highly modified seder with four kids (two were mine and two were my newest cousins) and a good friend and an Uncle and an Aunt and grandparents and a lovely wife and me (of course). We read the four questions and I forced the youngest of the last generation (Uncle Roger) to read them with me (since I am the youngest who could read Hebrew). We talked about plagues and strange tasting wine. We ate two flavors of gefilte fish and I ended up with three pieces somehow (possibly due to a daughter’s questioning of the taste). Fun was had all around and lots of pictures were taken.
But the photo above is obviously not from our ordered meal (the president just couldn’t make it to our house this year). Starting in 2008, Obama has been attending Seders with his staff and in 2009 he began a new tradition of a traditional Passover meal in the White House. The New York Times has the full scoop, but the short version is: the President attends a seder not with dignitaries, but with all Jewish members of his staff and the first family (his daughters even read the four questions). The pic above is taken from the official White House Flickr feed. If you look closely at the Haggadahs in the hands of the attendees you will see a simple book that is actually the same one Mandy and I used for our small seder in New Jersey while living up there so I could work in Philadelphia after Katrina.
Happy Chag and Chag Sameach!

at 15 months, she is a normal height…

…for a 19 month old, but a little slender for a 19 month old, though she is a 15 month old (or will be this weekend)

Wow, we got a big kid.

Other updates, looks like we are going to get that bump/horn on her head scanned. The shaped changed a month or so ago and the doc wants some more info on it. We’re aren’t worried and are sure it can be taken care of…

and finally…

Phone call from the wife on this subject ended with the following:

“ha ha ha… She grabbed the laundry basket filled with clean clothes and threw the clothes onto the floor. Then she dragged the basket over to me and got in it. Next she scream/pointed to ask me to drag the basket back to the pile of clothes with her in it. Now she is putting the clothes back into the basket with her… hee hee ha ha”