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my parent’s house must be flooded

see the image on page a7 of the picayune house near them has flood water above the roof:

read the full day’s paper, warning pdf

Check out community forums

looking for more info check out the various community forums at all local news sites:

for example has really good forums and great information

we can return in a week but must leave for another month

according to
Jeff Parish President. Residents will probably be allowed back in town in a week, with identification only, but only to get essentials and clothing. You will then be asked to leave and not come back for one month.

on the downlow

just a quick update for all wondering what’s been going on at the offices…
I’ve been so busy with, my regular job and personal life that has been left out in the cold. currently i;m working on a new updated design with a possible greater role of flash for the setup… of course some developments with future versions of flash should make this easier… so bare with me through the lag and to all the FFAFers: sorry, but I won;t be opening the blog for a little while longer… feel free to comment on this entry and checkout my pro blogging efforts at

Now that I’m back, a follow-up…

Thanks to all of the FFAFers who posted and all of those who allowed me to post.

special thanks to:
Paul (waymorefunner) | valerie | Owen

Five Day Weekend

Memorial Day
My weekend started Thursday
With Volunteering

Six hundred grade three
children got free bike helmets
and I got sun burnt

Free For All Friday
also a day off for me
went to a movie

Revenge of the Sith
was an entertaining flick
Saber fights quite slick

Weekend promises
Much rest and relaxation
and party Sunday

Paul (waymorefunner)


Hey there —

I can’t write poetry, I really wish I could. I have ideas but when I write them down they sound stupid.

I was forced to write poetry in 8th grade, or maybe 7th. Either way, it sucked royally. I wrote a “poem” about not being able to write a poem. Wonder where that is….?