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How to Break-Fast with a smile

Yom Kippur ended with me struggling to not really completely fast as usual (but getting a feeling that someone upstairs want me to try harder to be a better person and keep loving my kids more and more everyday) and with a smile and a stifled giggle from Mandy.

Where did the smile come from?

During the Ma’ariv (the evening service), Annabel came back to where Grandpa and I were sitting with Mama, Harry and Grandma. In order to get her to stay quiet for the final minutes of the fast, I told her we would stand on the Bima (stage up front), hear the Shofar be blown to signify the official end of the holiday, and then She would get to have a cookie during the Break-Fast (for me).

So they call all the children up front. I pick up Annabel and Mandy takes Harry. I quiet her down again on the stage and we hear the Tekiyah Gedolah (the Sans boy knocks it out of the park as usual) and immediately Annabel says, “All done, cookie Daddy!” with a big smile. Unfortunately there was still a couple minutes left before the cookie eating, but she did get her yummy sugar fix in the end.

Annabel’s Last Monthiversary

On September 17th, 2009 we celebrated Annabel’s last monthiversary. She turned 23 months old and we celebrated by going to Borders to play and we stories and especially to walk up and down the stairs. We can’t believe that in less than a month she will be 2 years old. Does it always go so quickly? Maybe if we did more dreadfully boring chores and tasks our babies wouldn’t grow up so quickly. But once she turns two I don’t think we get to count her age in months. Just like you stop counting in weeks when a baby turns 2 months I think you have to stop counting in months when your newly minted toddler turns the big 2-4 months. It’s all too quick isn’t it.


Sup, just chillin with the boy see below.

Staying awake, barely

Another phone based post coming at ya(now with pics).

Apparently we have reached the point in the toddler’s life when going to sleep easy can only be done with hours of running around and playing. Unfortunately rain day can cause huge issues like last nights I’m gonna scream in this crib or rest on daddy for hours on end tantrum. Ugh. So I ended up getting her into bed at 4am and was unable to fall asleep myself until 6:30 or so, but I think I may have caught a few zzzs while waiting for her to pass out cause I’m mostly rested today…… Mostly.

Anyway if not for coffee and cappuccinos with extra shots I would be dead to the world. Can’t wait to see my first week back at work will be like. I think the wife will have a hardly go of it but I think she will handle it better than I could…

Expect more rambling posts in the future.

This is a pic of annabel asleep in my arms on her 21 month birthday.

the birth of a child means

a return to blogging? maybe, maybe not. I’m thinking I need to start short blogging here again. say a paragraph once a week via the wordpress iphone app spewed out during lunch at work once i get back to work that is… um yeah, baby bump #2 turned into a real boy at 21.5in, 8lb13.5oz just a couple days before the end of june, i attended his bris from the third most uncomfortable position (first being his, second being his mama’s), and now i’m just getting used to being a father in a true nuclear family (2.3 kids=2 kids + 3 cats)… I have less than two weeks leave in my paternity leave and I’m loving every moment I have at home… enough bragging though… is this paragraph long enough? I you want to see baby pics hit the flickr feed and make us a contact to see them or hit me up on facebook (we like keeping baby faces private) back to my fatherly duties, until next time…


Learning to draw

This evening while getting a bath Annabel showed off her hand writing skills. We bought bath crayons (not much of a selection out there by the way) a month or so ago to convince her to enjoy baths and now just asking if she wants to draw in the tub evokes a smile and rush to bathe. So she is holding a yellow crayon this evening and scribbling in the soap dish on the wall while being scrubbed down. This is accomplished while standing with a parent using the handheld showerhead to rinse her down. Scrubs are quick and then followed by play in the soon to be filled tub. This evening she leaned towards the inside side of the tub (below the wall above the water line) and started to draw. Really draw though (with a modern art style). She adjusted the crayon from the usual fist grip to a handing writer’s righthanded grip and scribbled with intention. Obviously this required a cheer from daddy which evoked a smile. Then I asked her to show me how she can draw and she readjusted the crayon in her grip and went back to it. Since she was bathing I didn’t have a camera so you will just have to believe me, or trust the independent confirmation of the wife who was promptly called in to see how her daughter can draw. Now to get her to draw for mama and daddy on the freshly hung 16×24 drawing paper found on our walls for scribbling. Pictures as they become available, of course.


just a quick post to say i’m frustrated, mostly with being unable to go to last night’s saint’s game and with a certain wordpress plugin that is supposed to post my daily twitter brainfarts to this site, but also a little frustrated with my lack of artiness. I need to push myself to skritch-scratch some gestural doodles on a daily basis to post here and flickr, just for fun. Now should I draw on paper to scan or just doodle in Flash (like the good old days)? Hmmm…

Anyway, all is good enough. Getting ready for Thanksgiving at home. Annabel is a true toddler and Mandy is happy (so am I even with my frustrations).

Hope to hear/see all of you soon somewhere somehow…