Learning to draw

This evening while getting a bath Annabel showed off her hand writing skills. We bought bath crayons (not much of a selection out there by the way) a month or so ago to convince her to enjoy baths and now just asking if she wants to draw in the tub evokes a smile and rush to bathe. So she is holding a yellow crayon this evening and scribbling in the soap dish on the wall while being scrubbed down. This is accomplished while standing with a parent using the handheld showerhead to rinse her down. Scrubs are quick and then followed by play in the soon to be filled tub. This evening she leaned towards the inside side of the tub (below the wall above the water line) and started to draw. Really draw though (with a modern art style). She adjusted the crayon from the usual fist grip to a handing writer’s righthanded grip and scribbled with intention. Obviously this required a cheer from daddy which evoked a smile. Then I asked her to show me how she can draw and she readjusted the crayon in her grip and went back to it. Since she was bathing I didn’t have a camera so you will just have to believe me, or trust the independent confirmation of the wife who was promptly called in to see how her daughter can draw. Now to get her to draw for mama and daddy on the freshly hung 16×24 drawing paper found on our walls for scribbling. Pictures as they become available, of course.

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