Adam Devaney, Ike recovery specialist

Me passed out photo by Norman

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The above pic is from brother in law Adam Devaney’s photostream on flickr. He is a volunteer firefighter in Surfside, TX and is working non-stop to help get the island back on its feet after Ike slammed into the community. In addition he is working hard to recover his business (he runs a beach home rental business that was in the midst of all kinds of neat stuff before the storm, Beach House Associates). Anyway, while he’s working hard over there the rest of us are thinking about him and all of the residents of the texas coast. Hopefully this recovery is smoother than ours has been.

Wanna see satelite pics of the entire effected area? Sure you do. NOAA put up pics after Katrina for new orleanians and they have done it again on the coast.

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