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Upgraded, finally

As of this evening I have finally upgraded to the latest greatest version of wordpress. This means new look and easier future for me. Although the look isn’t that new… The banner up top is actually my first wordpress banner. Back in 2000 or so I installed wordpress 1.2 (now on 2.6.1) and used the Kubrick psd template to create a custom theme complete with hand drawn(via stylus) self portrait banner. Unfortunately I haven’t had my own wacom tablet since the storm so it’ll be awhile before this is changed again.

Side note I’m helping a friend get a new site up(more after we finish). He’s a pro graphic designer with ten years experience who just got laid off. If you know of any openings email me or comment below and I’ll get him in touch with you. He also does commissions of custom t-shirts, ties, labels, logos and portraits and more.

Thanks and enjoy the new old look.

Pic below of the soon to be disappointed crowd before the saints game. Thanks again Jason David and ain’t-like defense.

10 Months Old

10 Months Old

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Yesterday Annabel hit ten months. Wow I can’t believe how far we’ve come. The day before she went to her first party (a woman in Mandy’s Meetup group’s son turned one and had a viking themed party, due to his name) and she did a great job playing with the six other babies although she was the youngest (ages 10-18 months).

Now we’re getting ready for her first birthday. We will be having a huge family party Sunday October 19th Saturday October 18th (if you got an evite be sure to save the date). Needless to say we are planning a great afternoon filled with cake and possibly ice cream.

More info as it shows up…

edit: oops the date of the coming party was wrong, check your evites for the correct one and see the edit above.