Who knew, Batman can fly

Let’s go fly a kite

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back at work after a long fun vacation. Saw the beach. Annabel loves to swim in the ‘ocean’ (read gulf of mex) Had lots of fun and drove there and back in the middle of the night in order to let the baby sleep through the trip (got back yesterday morning at 5 (yes 5AM!!). Saw the uncles and the pop-pop on the fourth, but no firecrackers (illegal in surfside). Brought the wii and played a lot of lego star wars (thanks troy and melissa). Took lots and lots of pictures (check the flickr feed ASAP). Flew a Batman kite.

Trying to get back in the swing of things… Oh and congrats to Daniel and Beth, enjoy your last few months of irresponsibility before the rugrat gets here.

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