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Happy Birthday Mandy

Not cuppcakes yet

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although the day is almost done it’s not to late to wish my wonderful wife a happy 33rd birthday. This morning she woke up to presents from babygirl. The day ended with me coming home from work(on time, for once) and cooking chocolate cupcakes for my love. Followed by purchasing of the sushi birthday girl dinner. And more presents, of course. The day was said the be very enjoyable by my beautiful better half with a meetup, a lunch with Melissa, and phone calls with family.

One more thing, the day was made numerically special since 33 is 3 and 3 which multiplied makes 9 as in months old the baby is now.

Happy 9 Monthiversary

Happy 9 Monthiversary

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“Yesterday Annabel made NINE MONTHS! So as of today she has technically (more rightly approximately) been outside longer than she was inside. So, here are the stats on the MOST BEAUTIFUL BABY in the whole entire world/solar system/quadrant/galaxy… infinitum!!!”
–Mandy ‘Mama’ Schleifstein

Weight – 8 lbs and 1 oz (she dropped down to 7 lbs 5 oz)
Height – 21 inches

Nine Months Olds:
Weight – 18 lbs and 3 oz
Height – 28.5 inches

mama and baby just got back from the doctor and gave me the stats to post, wow she’s getting tall!

She loves to stand and crawl and swim (bath time is lots of fun, let me tell you) and giggle and babble. She knows the camera is there ans looks for her mom and dad to come and do stuff around the house.

Remember to check the flickr feed for more pics and add us as a contact to see them all (flickr is easy and free to join, you just need a yahoo account).

Who knew, Batman can fly

Let’s go fly a kite

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back at work after a long fun vacation. Saw the beach. Annabel loves to swim in the ‘ocean’ (read gulf of mex) Had lots of fun and drove there and back in the middle of the night in order to let the baby sleep through the trip (got back yesterday morning at 5 (yes 5AM!!). Saw the uncles and the pop-pop on the fourth, but no firecrackers (illegal in surfside). Brought the wii and played a lot of lego star wars (thanks troy and melissa). Took lots and lots of pictures (check the flickr feed ASAP). Flew a Batman kite.

Trying to get back in the swing of things… Oh and congrats to Daniel and Beth, enjoy your last few months of irresponsibility before the rugrat gets here.

good news, apple coming to town

Moving into Lakeside next to victoria’s secret, hubba hubba 

Tootsie Toes

Daddy and Annabel have the same toes. See the big toe – yup – it’s the same for both of them. Ditto on the fingers, Annabel has her daddy’s fingers (and she has daddy wrapped around her little fingers – but that’s another story). What is cool is when we saw her on the ultrasound pictures we could already see that she had her daddy’s fingers and toes (and her mama’s nose).If you are wondering – those tootsie toes are in Surfside Texas. It is gorgeous down here. Sand and ocean and my brother’s house on the beach and it gets so nice and cool here in the evenings. If you are interested in vacating your normal abode and making for a vacation like ours then check out, and wish us fun in the shady sun for the rest of our vacation.