Welcome back UNO Lakefront Arena, we missed you

The place where I graduated from high school and college and whose locker room I kept clean will it was used by visiting teams playing the Z’s and I zipped around in a golf cart with Z’s equipment while I was a batboy is reopening tonight. For the first time since the storm the New Orleans Lakefront Arena at University of New Orleans is going to open its doors and have an event. Sure it’s high school music on ice, but its a start.

The concerts are sure to get better. All kinds of artists played there over the years and I ran into a few of them while a batboy for the Z’s in high school. I met Soundgarden once in the hallway while working a game (they were on their way to the stage before a show) and drove Meatloaf and a clubhouse manager and his manager on a golfcart to see a game once (while he was waiting to go on stage at the arena).

Anyway, welcome back arena, we missed you and thank you for being the latest sign of the recovery of the crescent city.

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