Monthly Archive for May, 2008

Singing and scootching

on the floor – Originally uploaded by schleifnet

Update from a proud daddy and mama: Just wanted all of you to know, Annabel is scootching all over the place. Everyday we giggle as she zip zips around the floor with her inch worm style of almost crawling. Recently, Annabel started singing and playing piano as well…let me explain. She started saying ‘bah bah’ a month ago and then discovered the joy of having her tongue in the air. This led to a tongue out bah or LA and now we enjoy the vocal stylings of the best la-la-er in the world. As to the piano, well Mandy brought out my really old electric keyboard (I think its from junior high, 1992ish) and Annabel has been banging away on the keys ever since. It started as eerie music with a baby on top of the low end of the keys and then migrated to rumbas and more as she found the demo and auto-accompaniment buttons. Can’t wait to see her recording contract in the near future.More to come…

A triumphant return to Weblogs, Inc via Download Squad

Today it became official. With the publishing of my first post on I have now returned to pro-blogging. As you may remember I started blogging about Flash way back in early 2005 on as part of the Weblogs, Inc Network. The network got bought by AOL that fall and FlashInsider got retired soon after (we only have a few bloggers and two of us were in NOLA for Katrina, so I guess you could say the site was another victim of the storm). A while later, after returning to New Orleans, I started blogging for (also on Weblogs, Inc). Soon I was promoted to lead blogger there and wrote often about the state of the city. Unfortunately the site was retired around the same time the baby was born and I decided to take some time off of blogging (I got burnt out writing about NOLA and didn’t have time). Last month of so I emailed DLS and asked if they were hiring since I thought they could use a Flash blogger and they immediately brought me aboard. And so today I have posted for the first time. Read my review of the science fiction short story podcast Escape Pod at Download Squad.

Welcome back UNO Lakefront Arena, we missed you

The place where I graduated from high school and college and whose locker room I kept clean will it was used by visiting teams playing the Z’s and I zipped around in a golf cart with Z’s equipment while I was a batboy is reopening tonight. For the first time since the storm the New Orleans Lakefront Arena at University of New Orleans is going to open its doors and have an event. Sure it’s high school music on ice, but its a start.

The concerts are sure to get better. All kinds of artists played there over the years and I ran into a few of them while a batboy for the Z’s in high school. I met Soundgarden once in the hallway while working a game (they were on their way to the stage before a show) and drove Meatloaf and a clubhouse manager and his manager on a golfcart to see a game once (while he was waiting to go on stage at the arena).

Anyway, welcome back arena, we missed you and thank you for being the latest sign of the recovery of the crescent city.