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big girl blocks

big girl blocks

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I am Annabel and I am 6 months old. I live in a house in Metairie with my Mama and Daddy. I have a white cat named Gracie, a black cat name Gromit and Leo – he’s an orange cat. People say he looks like me – strawberry blonde and PRECOCIOUS. That’s what my mama says I am PRECOCIOUS it means I am very very very smart!

I am so smart that I already have blocks. Mama made them for me. Daddy says mama is precocious – I guess she takes after me. I am holding the “C” up because I am thinking about cats. There is an “A” on one side and that is for Annabel, there is a “B” on one side and that is for Baby Belle and there is a “D” on one side and that is for Devaney – of course.
Devaney is my third name – I have four names on my birth certificate – 34 letters – because I am very important. Annabel Margaret Devaney Schleifstein. I have more letters than the alphabet. Schleifstein used to belong to my daddy and Devaney used to belong to my mama and Margaret was my grandmother’s but now they all belong to me – just like Annabel.
My mama used to write about me – long ago when I was very small. But, she spends too much time feeding me and changing my diaper so I have taken over the writing – I think I am much better than her… it is because I am PRECOCIOUS. Before mama – this blog used to belong to daddy – but he only wrote about boring things… not about me.
I have to go now – mama is trying to change my diaper – I wish she would just let me go around without one – like the cats. When I am bigger I shall just use the litter box and then I won’t need diapers anymore.

New ways to see what I’m thinking (Twitter and

Mike the admin here, just wanted to call you attention to two new things in the sidebar.

Although I don’t like the idea of certain types of social networks (stalking is bad) I have joined twitter, finally. I was sucked in by, Jason Calacanis, Slice of Scifi and PVPonline and just couldn’t hold out any longer.

 I also added a running feed of my bookmarks. I’ve used the site for quite a while to track cool sites and keep tabs on ideas for blog posts for WIN while at flashinsider and bloggingneworleans and i have wanted to add a running tag here for a while, but never got around to it til recently.

 Anyway just wanted to give you a heads up.

Baby’s fine. Wife’s good. Be sure to check flickr often for pics and now movies (add us as a contact to see everything, we like to keep most family photos private).

site problems

This past week powweb (my hosting company) did a mysql update and went down… apparently they changed some location settings that borked wordpress. We wouldn’t have been effected, but i did the wordpress install myself before it became a standard install option for all sites on powweb (like the install on my dad’s site, buy his book) and so the upgrade changed his settings automatically, but not mine… anyway, all fixed now, yay.more posting soon, via me, maybe here maybe back on WIN…