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baby’s legs

baby’s legs

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I knit Annabel some homemade baby legwarmers. I ordered a pair of baby legs for annabel after reading how well they worked for cloth diaper users – much easier than trying to pull some of those baby pants over her big cloth diaper bottom. But, I was disappointed when they came in because they are essentially knee socks without feet. I want something to come between Annabel and the floor when she starts crawling – but the baby legs are so thin they will hardly make a difference – especially for the $8-$18 dollars or so they cost. So, I knit her a pair. The pair I made will actually cushion her knees when she crawls on the bare floor – and most of the places she will be crawling aren’t carpeted so I definitely want some padding. These are just a smidge lose on her – but she will grow into them in about a month or so. I am making another pair slightly tighter (and pink and white) which should stay up a little better. Not to get me wrong – the babylegs are cute – they are just to expensive for how thin they are (plus most of the babylegs are made in China even though they were created by a SAHM and I would prefer to support our economy instead of sending my dollars overseas.)

Adults, go see a movie this weekend

Kids on myspace announce a boycott of Clearview mall this weekend and I jump for joy. The mall has reached the point of crowded high school gym with screaming abandoned children who don’t spend money and get in the way and keep the public out of the mall on weekends.

I miss going to the movies with my wife, please stay out of the mall.

the marks of motherhood

nursing earmarks

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At four months old – 13 pounds 6 ounces – 25 inches long and with a head 16 1/4 around it’s no wonder Annabel leaves earprints on my arm when she nurses.

TreoCentral reviews HanDBase 4.0

HanDBase is made by the company that Mandy’s brother David works for. If you’ve called their tech support hotline or developed for HanDBase, it’s likely you talked to David once or twice since he’s on that line all the time. If you have a palm os or windows mobile device be sure to check out HanDBase and read the full review along with CEO interview at TreoCentral.

Jefferson Parish screws the teachers

In addressing faculty assignments, Superintendent Diane Roussel has exclusive authority to assign teachers to schools for the next two years. The annual job fair, which is traditionally used to recruit, will no longer be conducted, as all teacher assignments for the coming year will be handled by Roussel.

Teachers with advanced degrees and certification will be assigned in an effort to achieve an equal distribution across the parish, the document says. To achieve the stability required by the order, faculty positions will be frozen for three years after the initial two-year hiring window.

“This is going to help put some consistency in there,” Roussel said.

The order also supersedes the terms of the teachers union’s collective bargaining agreement, which typically dictates transfer procedures, attorneys said. But Roussel emphasized that she was not expecting any wholesale movement of faculty over the next two years.

Officials also mitigated potential problems by prohibiting cross-river teacher transfers as part of the order.


Now what do you think that means? And how can the teachers union protest when its wrapped in a desegregation law without looking racist? How would you like to be told you can’t apply for a transfer because we won’t be posting any jobs only the top person can move you (at her discretion) and then you are stuck for the next 3 to 5 years.

Or you can quit.

Dad wins 2007 Oakes Award

Yesterday the Columbia Journalism Review announced that the LA Times and the Times Picayune are sharing the 2007 Oakes Award for Environmental Journalism. My father was one of the three reporters who wrote stories as part of the Last Chance coastal erosion series that won the award. Congrats to all involved. And congrats to dad on the award (now time for pulitzer number four!).