belly laughs

belly laughs

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My belly is no longer carrying a baby – but that fact is not commonly guessed at. I wore this outfit to school the other day and at the end of class the professor asked me if I was pregnant. Luckily for him I just had a baby or else I might have been insulted. I don’t know if I should still be insulted.

My doctor has only just (last week) given me the go ahead to do stomach exercises – so I do have an excuse. And yet, it is kind of embarassing that I still look pregnant. The good thing is – I must not look fat.

So, how does a once pregnant belly differ from a chubby belly? Or is it all of me that still has that pregnancy glow so my chubbiness looks purposeful. Perhaps all those stores of breastmilk in my belly, thighs, bottom and arms glow in a way normal fat stores don’t .

I guess I should start doing some stomach exercises since I can now – the only problem if I do that is then I won’t have that nice soft shelf for baby to lie on while she nurses.

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