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When people think about when they want their babies to be born – or even go so far as to plan it (near a holiday or during the summer) – they usually don’t think about the silent detriment to having baby arrive in the fall – Flu & RSV Season.

We didn’t pick or plan a month for our baby to arrive – no, we just lucked into the gorgeous fall for her birth. But, as gorgeous as it is we now have to contend with the height of flu & rsv season for her newborn days. Not quite a walk in the park.

Although, walks in the park are something we can do. Flu shots were something we had to do – but baby girl is too little for her own so she must rely on us. Something we can’t do is take her to crowded places where people can breathe on her and touch her. We do take her to stores with us – nobody comes near her – just let them try to get past me. But no social gatherings – ie, no mommy and me type groups as per order of her doctor. No religious gatherings where people are in one place for a long time – breathing their germs on her.

In books and movies and tv mommies go to these places and groups – but I guess that is because fictional babies only get sick to advance the plot. Real life babies might get sick when it doesn’t even help the plot.

When baby and I must be out and stationary and there happens to be a sick person present I just cringe. Baby’s doctor says it is getting to be the height of the flu season and later on the same day she told us we were stuck at Firestone getting our car repaired with a woman just coughing away. Then at class tonight two girls kept coughing and coughing through the entire three hours I was stuck in that tiny room with them.

Sick People Should Be Able To Stay Home And Get Better!

Maybe we should elect one of those socialist leaning candidates for president so then it wouldn’t be so worrisome to have a baby during the flu season.

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