it’s hospital time

So, all the pregnancy books tell you what to pack to bring to the hospital. In addition to the many other things “they” were wrong about (“they” and “them” being interchangeable and meaning those who “know” all about pregnancy) this was another one.

I followed the checklists and brought magazines and an ipod for early labor when I would be killing time – except it turns out my early labor lasted a month and I was already 4 cm dialted upon arrival making it to 10 cm in an hour and a half. So, that undrugged hour and a half (while the epidural guy was lost) were devoted to breathing through my hard labor contractions.

I brought my own pillows – okay they were right about this one… BUT, I wish I had also brought my own blanket. I had a blanket for baby which I had crocheted out of soft pink chenille and I found this thoroughly indispensable as a prop and pillow and support and wrap, a larger one would have worked even better.

I brought my own nightgown and underwear “to make me feel more comfortable” but wore the hospital issued ones the whole time. Why dirty my nightgown or underwear when the hospital is providing disposable net underwear (surprisingly comfortable) and a gown tailor made for easy post-delivery examinations.

I brought slippers and a house coat (I did use the housecoat to cover where the hospital gown didn’t) but found the flip-flops I happened to wear to the hospital much more useful being inherently non-slip and able to be worn in the icky hospital shower.

I brought “healthy snacks” for me and my labor partner as well as mini candy bars ( the benefit to having a baby near Halloween). We made it through the candy bars in a day and a half. The “healthy snacks” were toted home. I actually liked the greasy hospital food – but next time I will have a McDonalds double quarter pounder with cheese waiting for me once baby is delivered (crazy as it seems I produce more milk after eating one!)

We obviously used the camera (the digital one). But that is a no brainer.

We didn’t need all the stuff we packed for baby. The books tell you to bring nightgowns and diapers, burp cloths and wipes – but our hospital provided everything except the going home outfit. So everything we packed was just more to lug home.

The books are interesting – but I think they are written for big city girls going to big city hospitals (ie NYC or La or the likes), here in good old Metairie, LA what happens is more common sense and less list worship.

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