Bye-bye baby weight?


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Breastfeeding helps you lose weight – I was told. However, I don’t understand how. For the bulk of every day you will find me like this…, sitting around breastfeeding. I am supposed to be taking in extra calories which I then burn off by feeding Annabel. And yet, the weight stays. Most likely because my days are spent like this. Sitting around breastfeeding.

Don’t get me wrong, the whole entire day isn’t spent sitting and breastfeeding – sometimes I’m lying down and sometimes I stand. Stiil, no weight loss.

Oh well, I don’t mind “them” being wrong about the weight loss. It is nice to have long spans of time with Annabel warm against me. It would be nice to have pants that fit — but I guess this just means the next paycheck or the one after or the one after that we will buy me some new clothes that fit my gorgeous curviness.

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