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daddy’s girl

driving my car – beep beep

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Sometimes when I look at Annabel she looks so much like Mike. Yes, she has my coloring and she has my area between nose and mouth and she has my hair coloring – but she has Mike’s eyes and eye color and lips and ears and fingers and toes and eyebrows and etc. Today I was looking at her and something just reminded me of Mike. I am glad she has my hair color and coloring because then she will always look like me – but I am also glad she has parts of MIke… especially his lips because he has such pretty lips.

guess what I did mama

Well, she did it – and just like in the movies – I missed it.

My baby girl rolled over!

It was Sunday the 27th of January in the year 2008. The time was 7:47 pm. (Does that sound formal enough for such a momentous event?) We were doing tummy time and I was reading her favorite book to her, “Where is Baby’s Belly Button?” when I decided to pick another book to read. I stood up and turned around to pick a book off of the top shelf. I turned around and there she was calmly lying on her back. For a half second I was confused – knowing something was wrong with this picture – and then I realized what it was, I had left her on her stomach and now she was on her back.

She hasn’t done it again. Oh but she’s tried poor thing. She scrunches her legs up under her, sticks her bottom in the air, kind of twists her torso and grunts and groans… but nothing. I have nine minutes of this on videotape.

Now that she knows she can do it I don’t think she is going to be happy again with tummy time until she figures out how to do it again. Hopefully we have alot more videotape.

100 and counting

a kiss in the park

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I missed my baby’s 100 days old anniversary day. I thought it was today (meaning Friday) but it was yesterday (Thursday). I guess this makes me a bad mama. Can I blame leap year? Or maybe that extra day in October – it always takes me by surpprise. And then there is the fact that I am studying English in grad school and we English grad students are known for being bad at math. Oh well.

By chance I happened to videotape her that day. I was thinking she was going to roll over (she didn’t) so I kept videotaping her. I have about 20 or 30 minutes (not all together) of her lying on her tummy. I would stop the tape when she would begin to get upset (didn’t want the viewers to think me a bad mama)and then start it up each time she looked particulaly rolly.

I don’t mind that she isn’t rolling over yet – I just want to make sure I am not holding her back. I try to give her adequate amounts of tummy time – and back time. I also turn her over when she looks like she is close to rolling so that her mind will understand the concept of turning over. While in truth I don’t mind her staying stationary for a bit longer (less to worry about – and in truth there is already so much I can choose to worry about) I want to make sure she has all her options open.

I can feel you all judging me. I AM NOT THAT KIND OF MOM, really I’m not. I am fine whenever she learns to do each and every thing. I would rather she is laid back about it all. Just so long as she is laid back and I’m not holding her back. See, what I’m not saying here is that I’m (we’re actually) thinking she might not be trying to roll over because of the cloth diapers.

Yup, she wears cloth diapers. The big old, old fashioned and bulkiy kind of cloth diapers. So, these bulky diapers are so unwieldy they might be keeping her stationary (which is wonderful at night with the whole sleep on her back thing) but may be an impediment for turning.

We do put her in paper diapers sometimes – but paper or cloth she is much more interested in trying to crawl – than in trying to turn.

So, with all these thoughts running around in my mind you can see how we missed her 100 day birthday. Hopefully we’ll catch the 200th day. Maybe I should start counting now.

belly laughs

belly laughs

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My belly is no longer carrying a baby – but that fact is not commonly guessed at. I wore this outfit to school the other day and at the end of class the professor asked me if I was pregnant. Luckily for him I just had a baby or else I might have been insulted. I don’t know if I should still be insulted.

My doctor has only just (last week) given me the go ahead to do stomach exercises – so I do have an excuse. And yet, it is kind of embarassing that I still look pregnant. The good thing is – I must not look fat.

So, how does a once pregnant belly differ from a chubby belly? Or is it all of me that still has that pregnancy glow so my chubbiness looks purposeful. Perhaps all those stores of breastmilk in my belly, thighs, bottom and arms glow in a way normal fat stores don’t .

I guess I should start doing some stomach exercises since I can now – the only problem if I do that is then I won’t have that nice soft shelf for baby to lie on while she nurses.

Fall Baby

bundle of joy

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When people think about when they want their babies to be born – or even go so far as to plan it (near a holiday or during the summer) – they usually don’t think about the silent detriment to having baby arrive in the fall – Flu & RSV Season.

We didn’t pick or plan a month for our baby to arrive – no, we just lucked into the gorgeous fall for her birth. But, as gorgeous as it is we now have to contend with the height of flu & rsv season for her newborn days. Not quite a walk in the park.

Although, walks in the park are something we can do. Flu shots were something we had to do – but baby girl is too little for her own so she must rely on us. Something we can’t do is take her to crowded places where people can breathe on her and touch her. We do take her to stores with us – nobody comes near her – just let them try to get past me. But no social gatherings – ie, no mommy and me type groups as per order of her doctor. No religious gatherings where people are in one place for a long time – breathing their germs on her.

In books and movies and tv mommies go to these places and groups – but I guess that is because fictional babies only get sick to advance the plot. Real life babies might get sick when it doesn’t even help the plot.

When baby and I must be out and stationary and there happens to be a sick person present I just cringe. Baby’s doctor says it is getting to be the height of the flu season and later on the same day she told us we were stuck at Firestone getting our car repaired with a woman just coughing away. Then at class tonight two girls kept coughing and coughing through the entire three hours I was stuck in that tiny room with them.

Sick People Should Be Able To Stay Home And Get Better!

Maybe we should elect one of those socialist leaning candidates for president so then it wouldn’t be so worrisome to have a baby during the flu season.

hang on tight – I’m 3 months old

hang on tight

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Annabel turned 3 months old on the 17th of January. I can’t believe three months have passed so quickly. She can almost hold her head up. She desperately wants to crawl. She loves when we read her books. Some of her favorites are “Great Day For Up” by Dr. Seuss, “Where is Baby’s Belly Button” and “Counting Kisses” both by Karen Katz, and “Hey Wake Up” by Sandra Boynton. I love reading to her because she just starts smiling and laughing and talking to the book. She doesn’t talk to me yet, but she loves talking to her books.

We just had her three month check-up. She weighs 12 pounds and 7 ounces – which puts her in the 50th percentile for growth (which means she’s the average). She is 24.5 inches long – which puts her in the 80th percentile for height. Her head is 15.75 inches – another 50th percentile. However, when you calculate her weight to height ratio she is in the 5th percentile. What does all this mean? Who knows. She is healthy and happy and somewhere on the charts which is all that is important according to my doctor. Mike and I like to think she is going to be a model or a football player – the quaterback of course.

She isn’t turning over yet – or trying to for that matter. When we put her on her belly she still just tries desperately to crawl. She also doesn’t laugh out loud yet or really talk to me (just to books and toys and ceiling fans). Supposedly she will turn over and start to laugh out loud this month. Hopefully Mike and I are silly enough to make her laugh.

It has been a good three months. Every day with her is good. I can’t wait for more – and it already scares me how quickly she is growing up.

Louisiana Strawberries

Louisiana StrawberriesApparently a juicy picture I took of some wonderful Louisiana Strawberries got noticed by a new site about going green in New Orleans. Their page on NOLA Locavores features the pic and some interesting news on the state of eating local to go green.

Makes sense, right? If you eat locally produced food less CO2 will be released and less gas used since the goods don’t have to travel as far.

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See a larger version at Flickr.

EDIT: just an FYI, the pic was used with my permission. The webmaster contacted me via flickr and since the site is going to be non-profit and the owner had an ok record on flickr. So I said ok.