Monthly Archive for August, 2007

Check out my dad’s book

Since today is the second anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, I expect a few hits from people looking for my dad, Mark Schleifstein. Please visit the official website for his book, Path of Destruction, to contact him. And while your there, pick up a copy of the book from the Amazon link on the main page.

On a side note, I made the page for his book and currently maintain it for him, so please blame me for any spelling or grammar mistakes. Thanks.

TTLB stats for Blogging New Orleans

I have yet to understand what this means but: for

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A return and a test image

katrina line at starbucks in lakeview

post test in the new upgraded version of wordpress… I got this pic on harrison ave in lakeview (search blogging new orleans for the full story… i think i should start blogging about personal stuff again and maybe post some art too… what do you think?

ps: congrats to kevin and andrea!!