Chris Land, where are you?

this is specifically for my ex-roomie Chris. Your email don’t work no more so I guess i gotta contact you this way. I couldn’t find a good reason to pay 94 bucks for another year of hosting for and so the site is going to turn into a pointer to and therefore your bonzo story about reagan will dissappear… if you want to content to stay up email me… i have a back up and can give you a subdomain here, though you are probably better off creating a free site at… email me for more info…

and now back to our regularly scheduled programming

1 Response to “Chris Land, where are you?”

  • Wow, I never googled my name before. THat’s fine. I’ve got the story saved anyway. It would be better if I finished it. I’ll send you a copy when its finished. Its actually gotten much longer. anyway. gotta run. But now you’ve got my email so don’t be a stranger. Peace out, yo

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