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In order to help out Regan in Google

Saw a post on Regan’s site complaining of not being listed in google enough, so help is a link to pass on:

Regan Weymouth: Formation of Me

Passover at Slashfood

So you may know I work on the side for Weblogs, Inc (and thus AOL)at FlashInsider. One of the blogs on the network is doing a series of food related post on all things Passover. Head on over to Slashfood for more.

The true story of the Times Picayune and Katrina

via Romenesko:

Our first indication that we might be facing something unprecedented came on the Saturday before the storm, when Max Mayfield, director of the National Hurricane Center in Miami, called our hurricane reporter Mark Schleifstein. Having written extensively about the dangers of hurricanes to New Orleans, Mark knew Max well, and was deeply troubled by the question Max had for him: How high, Mayfield wanted to know, was the third floor of our building?

‘The Story of Our Lives’ by Jim Amoss

back to new orleans!

its official! the wife and I will be driving 20 hours back to new orleans from south joisey mid passover week (easter weekend) with an overloaded car and three cats… we should be able to move into our new apartment in the city park area almost upon arrival… (we’ll see) and soon after life will be returning to normal or at least we will finally have a permanent address for the first time since the storm…