My Father, the Pulitzer prize winner, again

OK, it’s official my children are now required to win at least a Nobel Prize before they die. My dad is now directly associated with the winning of three Pulitzer Prizes, been on staff at a paper where one was awarded, and been a finalist three times. Wow. Yup the Times Picayune won its third and fourth Pulitzers and my father has now been directly associated with 75% of their Pulitzers, he is the Pulitzer man and in order to keep up I will have to win an award soon (If I get back on the blog horse maybe I can get a Webby?) plus my kids, my poor unborn future children… you will need to win a Nobel, oh well, good luck…

2 Responses to “My Father, the Pulitzer prize winner, again”

  • What does “directly associated” mean? Didn’t the newest prizes go to the entire staff?

  • by directly associated i mean not solely associated he is a member of the news room and, as with all the other times pic employees, is directly associated with the prizes… back in 97 (the prize was awarded for a series from 96… “Oceans of Trouble” – Times Picayune historyPulitzer 1997) he was a member of a smaller five person team who actually wrote the series that the Times pic the pulitzer prize for public service and again was “directly associated with the prize, but not solely associated… I would say the editorial cartoonist Mike Luckovich (former cartoonist for the Times Picayune…) is solely associated with the pulitzer for cartooning this year… (semantics here that are sure to get me in trouble with my aspiring linguist of a wife and reporter of a dad, oh well)

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