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Google fun for Troy and Melissa Grzych

Troy Grzych
Melissa Karczewski Grzych
Amanda Devaney Schleifstein

This experiment is meant to get the above listed in google… yay!!

Plus, my sister met another Pulitzer winner

So my sister works as an assistant producer (or something) at CNN for the un-gawdly early morning shift (1am-9am) and she actually got to escort Mike Luckovich through the CNN offices in Atlanta on his way to an interview. Yes, this means the daughter of a Pulitzer Prize winner escorted a Pulitzer Prize winner to speak on a Peabody winner about being a Pulitzer Prize winner… oh and then my dad called Mike later to congratulate him (Luckovich work for the Times Picayune in the 80s when we first moved to New Orleans) and thus completed the circle with a multiple Pulitzer Prize winner congratulating (and being congratulated by) a multiple Pulitzer Prize winner (this was Mike’s second) who was recently escorted to an interview by the daughter of the multiple Pulitzer Prize winner who was calling to congratulate…

ok, ok that’s enough… back to our regularly scheduled programming…

This post about a pulitzer prize winner being escorted by the daughter of a pulitzer prize winner then congratulated by a pulitzer prize winner and congratulating a pulitzer prize winner was written by the son of a pulitzer prize winner… 😉

My Father, the Pulitzer prize winner, again

OK, it’s official my children are now required to win at least a Nobel Prize before they die. My dad is now directly associated with the winning of three Pulitzer Prizes, been on staff at a paper where one was awarded, and been a finalist three times. Wow. Yup the Times Picayune won its third and fourth Pulitzers and my father has now been directly associated with 75% of their Pulitzers, he is the Pulitzer man and in order to keep up I will have to win an award soon (If I get back on the blog horse maybe I can get a Webby?) plus my kids, my poor unborn future children… you will need to win a Nobel, oh well, good luck…

Can my wife get a $1000 grant too?

Today It was announced how the $95 million for universities in Louisiana will be divided. $14 million will be going to UNO (where the better half is currently a student)… According to the story on, “both public and private colleges to provide up to $1,000 grants to students who were affected by the hurricanes and have struggled to return to school since the storms” The question is… Can my wife get a $1000 grant too? She has struggled to stay in school through this ordeal and has succeed via online courses even with the stress of wondering the country with me, does this mean she will qualify? Guess I’ll just have to check the Louisiana Office of Student Financial Assistance (UNO’s financial site here) and find out.

read the story here

Pulitzer time

It’s that time of year again and this time the Times Picayune is the favorite in a couple categories (hopefully more) Editor and Publisher has the rumors on who the finalists are and the Times Pic is up for Columnist (Go Chris Rose) and Breaking News (Go Newsroom)… Now they just need to give my dad another one (he won in ’96 and thus caused the greatest hassle in my academic career… English class was never the same)

read more at E&P 


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The Times Picayune is Couragous, officially

The Times-Picayune won the Medill Award for Courage from Northwestern University for their coverage of hurricane Katrina. Just one more award in the lead up the the probably Pulitzer!