Monthly Archive for November, 2005

speech speech!

i just got a new job, my old job in philly, pa starting monday after thanks giving….

oh and here’s something i need to print!!

All of you who know Melissa and troy will understand why when troubles come, like oh maybe a big old category five hurricane, they can just…. Dance their cares away , worries for another day… because Red will always find a creative and fun way to overcome anything. Like Belle, even in the hardest times they can find a way to have a beautiful fairy tale romance. To some it may seem stange to associate with so many movies and tv shows, but for Melissa and Troy it is like their own Hollywood ending has come to life. And if we could not tell from their sweet smiles at each other – I know that they are devoted to each other because they are giving up seeing Harry Potter to be here with each other instead of at Hogwarts. Mainly I want to say that Melissa and Troy will have a wonderful life together because they have made their every day life into their own happily ever after. To Melissa and Troy

dad gets a book deal

just a heads up on the latest, my dad recently signed a book deal to write about the hurricane!