about the last post and pic

first off… we found that photo right before borders closed and i had to hurry the post… the pic seems to show no water in our house… but the nyt this weekend has a graphic showing water in the apartment at least during the begining of the week… we think the water has since drained… but the state of the greater new orleans area is not yet safe enough for me or my wife to feel confortable returning or even allowing only me and maybe some family with a truck to return… i am thinking of flying to houston and renting or borrowing a truck in a week or so and driving home to check out the place and take all of our stuff that is salvagable… we think our couches are toast… our china closet is gone and hopefully didn’t fall down (maybe the china can be saved)… the clothing should be savable but will need to be washed… the humidity may have destroyed our bed (but we wanted a new one anyway)… hopefully the large boxes of old schleifstein and old devaney photos will be savable (the y are upstairs so we are crossing our fingers)… my art portfolio may have made it, but again the humidity could have destroyed all the art i have ever done (excepting the online stuff and the computer stuff)… i want our ketubah to make it since that is our official jewish wedding certificate… plus we need to grab the wife’s computer since almost all of her english papers are in it (harddrives can be cleaned and saved, no matter the water damage, i hope) and those papers will get her into grad school… can’t think of anything else right now (other than some personal momentos of the wife’s)…

of course we have been extremely lucky… if we can salvage anything this will be better than many in the city who have lost all to the waters and better than those whose lives were lost… if you want to help out the evacuees donate your time and money to reputable charitable organization including the Jewish Family Service, the Salvation Army, the Red Cross and the United Way.

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