Cassy found

via the contact form:
Cole and James broke in side window on 2nd floor and got cassie. No sign of slick, but they left food and water for her.

what does this mean… some co-workers of my father were able to rescue one of my parents’ two cats from the top story of their flooded house, this cat lasted about a week with little or no food or water in the house and is said to be extremely happy to be with people again… also i found out the water, after draining a little, was up to the top step, or the very bottom of the top floor (second story) of my parents house… plus i heard the spca is out looking for trapped animals…

on a side note… i keep hearing people complain about those of us who left the greater new orleans area being called refugees instead of evacuees… I AM A REFUGEE! i feel partially abandoned by an incompetent federal government headed by political flunkies… i have taken refuge with family to escape the hurricane… i am a refugee!

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