Update on the rest of the schleifsteins

Everyone want’s to interview my dad, but he’s next to impossible to get in touch with… currently the times pic has a newsroom in the communication school of LSU’s building and is printing the paper via a press in houma. my mom is in atlanta with my grandpa at the moment and trying to figure out what’s next… we are worried about my parents two cat’s that were trapped in their house in lakeview during the storm, but i heard today that the SPCA is going into houses (that they are asked to enter) and taking in animals to keep at a shelter until their owners can get them… the rabbi from my synagogue is in atlanta at the moment and will be officiating a bat mitzvah in two weeks at AA (ahavatha avayim?) synagogue in atlanta… the bat mitzvah was supposed to happen at our shul in metairie, but of course now it can’t… i feel sorry for the child because the huge party had to be cancelled plus not many friends will get to go, much less family… but who knows… plus the rabbis just started with out shul this year, so this has got to be really hard on him and his family, considering they only just moved to new orleans in late july… my health insurance hasn’t been cancelled (yet) even though i’m pretty sure i will not be able to return to my job… my wife and i have decided to go forward with the plan we had in place before all of this happened… before… we planned that after graduation from UNO my wife would pick any grad school in the country she wanted and i would follow her (love, ain’t it grand) now we are hoping one of her favored grad schools will let her finish the semester or so of undergrad she had left and then continue through grad school… time to play the refugee card i guess… luckily for the moment i have a part-time online job with weblogs,inc writing about flash and i am trying to expand my role, given my new found free days… just need to kick the lovely wife off the laptop everyonce in a while… my sister has put us up at her apartment in atlanta at the moment, but in a week or so we should be heading to south florida with the mom-in-law to get some down-time before we start our new life….

to all of you out there… please let me know if you want something posted here… i will continue to post about the congregation as i find out information… if you need to reach my dad, just contact me and i will give you his email… don’t expect a fast response though cause he is getting hundreds of emails a day due to his lead role in the washing away series a few years ago that almost completely predicted how this storm would be handled and what it would do… read the series and be scared… ah yes i am the son of nostridomus….

that’s all for now

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  • hey mike and mandy,

    stay safe. i’m gonna miss you guys. and everyone else too.

    your dad is so cool. i remember reading that big series he did when it was in the paper and i felt kinda cool for knowing his son. woo hoo!

    anyway, good luck to you guys.

    pam (mather)

  • Mike,

    I’m glad you got out. Your dad gave me the site. I’ve gotta tell you, I was a little woried. I’m living in Jacksonville, FL, now so tell me if there is ANYTHING I can do to help a good friend (I always appreciate the carwashes).

  • Mike,

    Hey man, like Chris I’m glad you got out. I hope you’re house is okay like it looks to be in your latest post. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help out. Take care of yourself man, and keep in touch.

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