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Hello everyone,

I hope that everyone is OK and hopefully able to read this message. I have some info that could be used to help assess some damage and some links that provide info and aerial photos.

I have have some friends in Lakefront prove to their insurance company that they are indeed flooded with several feed of water. I have access to elevation and map data that should provide assisance some people that are making flood claims. If your insurance company is not cooperating or doesn’t yet believe that you are flooded then I can generate some screen grabs of the elevation data maps that can help. It will be weeks before any of us can get into New Orleans to assess the damage. If you want to get the claims rolling then I might be able to help. And with finding pictures and data on the web you should be able to get some proof that your area is under water. Just email me if you want some maps of your neighborhood. Please provide address for me.

Some links that may help: – provides some reports of flooding in specific areas. – new orleans newspaper – satellite photos -more satellite photos(infared) -Baton Rouge newspaper & WBRZ

good luck to everyone!
thanks jeff

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