Time to get FEMA aid

It’s time to start applying for FEMA aid, but how do you do it… well my buddy Charlin Fisher has already started the process and he says…

go to FEMA.gov
on their website, upper left corner, link to ‘assistance’ follow directions for phone, internet reporting
then follow the instructions given
keep trying, lines are tied up, and the website is slow. be patient, they’ll get to you eventually, my parent have been trying for 24 horus, and just got through this morning
also, dont lie/inflate damages, will be subject to federal and state prosecution for fraud and other crimes

they provide cash for housing, medical insurance and much more… so click on over and start thar application

thanks Charlin!

4 Responses to “Time to get FEMA aid”

  • Hi – I met Charlin Fisher and Kristin Skinner in Nashville, after they’d left New Orleans because of Katrina. I’ve lost contact with them – I’m hoping that the Charlin you’re talking about is the same one I met! If so, please forward my info so we can resume contact.

    Thanks so much!!!

    Danelle Gerber, Honolulu, HI

  • How old was this Charlin Fisher? I may know him.

  • wow mike way to respond to your blog post 3 years later. 😛
    I notice that email is required to post, so do you think you have this person’s email? It might be fun to talk to talk to them again.

  • Charlin, email me blog at schleifstein dot net and I’ll send you their email addresses, how are you? did you get married?

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