price gouging in atlanta!

the atlanta gas stations have been raising their prices ridiculously all day… one station near us raised theirprice from 2.69 this morning to 3.30 this evening! gov’nor of ga says he will be procecuting all price gouging 5000 per person over charged and 15000 is that person is a senior citizen…this should apply to gouging evacuees too given how we are now on fixed incomes with no jobs no homes no nothing! there are places where the price is almost $6 per gallon! my sister (who works for cnn) says do not buy gas today if you can help it there is no reason for any of the stations to have raised their prices in the last 12 hours!
atlanta journal constitution has more
mr. bush you still disgust me, you should have gone to louisiana or mississippi or alabama two days ago! you should have given a full press conference and gotten off vacation, yet again you don’t know what you are doing! i can’t wait til the mid term elections with those running against repulicans use this to de throne them and hopefully your heartless regime!


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