I’ve been noticed, and the future…

Today, I received a very interesting comment on my More Merger News: Adobe plugin mimics Macromedia Contribute… post. John Dowdell gave me a good long explanation on how the new GoLive plugin the allows:

A site designer can specify special editable areas in an HTML document. A content contributor can then edit each of these areas, one at a time, in a form-based application.

This seems very similar to the template feature found standard in Dreamweaver which allows the lead designer to develop a main style/form and then block off sections of the pages for editing by members of the design team to edit later. I used this to feature to create a site that had constantly changing content (before reaching production… heck government work, it takes forever to those civil servants to decide on anything). This is different from Contribute which allows:

A content contributor can browse to an HTML page and then (assuming they have site privileges) can edit that content while looking at the whole page. Optionally, a Dreamweaver (or GoLive!) designer can use Dreamweaver templates to lock out areas from editing.

I reccommend checking out the full comment for more info.

To John Dowdell, I can only say thanks. I had noticed some hits coming into my site from Macromedia.com since I started worrying about how the Big Merge might change the Macromedia apps I have come to love and use everyday, and you have helped make my day by making my comments seem to count.

Now a quick site notice… Something big has just happened… I’m not ready to go into details, but let’s just say Flash commentary is about to change as we know it!

Check back soon for more details.

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