More Merger News: Adobe plugin mimics Macromedia Contribute…

PC Pro has a article about a new Adobe plugin for GoLive CS2 that allows multiple designers to access the same site to make changes and edits. This plugin strangely mimics the functionality of Macromedia’s Contribute design tool, which allows multiple designers to manipulate web sites via Dreamweaver and other applications via a check-in/check-out system. This plugin seems to indicate that adobe may have something sinister up its sleeves when it comes to future Dreamweaver support after the merge. This would be a huge mistake considering the large numbers of designers who would sooner hand code than use GoLive. We would cry out, if our beloved Dreamweaver was replaced with some GoLive-type product with its conviluted site design.

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  • If it’s of help, then the fuller context is that Adobe introduced its Co-Author module in the prior version of Adobe GoLive, and from what I can tell it has changed only slightly in the recent CS2 release.

    There *is* a superficial functional resemblance to Macromedia Contribute, but a closer look shows that these are very different types of workflows:

    Adobe Co-Author: A site designer can specify special editable areas in an HTML document. A content contributor can then edit each of these areas, one at a time, in a form-based application.

    Macromedia Contribute: A content contributor can browse to an HTML page and then (assuming they have site privileges) can edit that content while looking at the whole page. Optionally, a Dreamweaver (or GoLive!) designer can use Dreamweaver templates to lock out areas from editing.

    — With Contribute you default to full editability, with protected regions as an option… with Co-Author you default to no editability, with editable regions as an option.
    — With Contribute you write while looking at the page… with Co-Author you can call up an editable area in another app, rewrite, publish, and then look at the new page in a browser.

    Recent versions of Macromedia Contribute also do a lot more with permissions, connections, versioning, notifications, rollbacks… aside from the basic editing features there’s a ton more in Contribute.

    If you’re still not convinced, try searching the main GoLive list with term “Co-Author” in message body… seems most Adobe GoLive users recommend Macromedia Contribute to each other, even though they have a free Co-Author license included with each GoLive purchase.

    John Dowdell
    Macromedia Support

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