But what does it all mean?

In the email from Macromedia you saw what they had to say, but what does this really mean to Flash users and developers.

a) Flash Player keeps its sacred status.
This is a given, especially with the high penatration of flash players in web browsers and now mobile devices. Plus Flash is quickly becoming the goto for marketing content, just take a look at those CDs you get with every product these days. What type of software do you think they use to create a presentation advertising the greatest feature for their product on a cross plat form CD?

b) Flash MX tools slowly transform into part of the “Photoshop family.”
This means soon the Adobe CS2 design suite of apps with include Flash and you will be able to create a vector image in one of the high end apps (like Illustrator) and them immediately push it to Flash to animate, etc.

c) Server products get much-needed marketing support.
Adobe can now start pushing the languishing Flash Communication Server amoungst other things. FCS allows users to connect and teleconfrence via the web without browser or os dependence. It even supports multiconnection video conferencing (ever wonder what that camera() object was for in Flash MX and beyond). Not to mention the fact that now coldfusion will have some sort of native support, possibly within Acrobat. Imagine a world where business clients can run real time reporting within Acrobat instead of Crystal Reports and have those reports dynamicly online without purchasing the $30,000+ enterprise server edition of Crystal Reports.

d) Flash Video format gets instant credibility.
Flash added a video codec to MX and has been quickly integrating it to the point that a user doesn’t really need quicktime or real or windows media player to view web based video and its a heck of a lot easier for a web designer to stream Flash than to stream any of those other formats. Plus Flash can include some sort of time waster for its users while they wait for the download. And remember the communication server with realtime video conferencing?

e) FlashPaper becomes a feature in Acrobat.
Take a PDF and open it in a web browser… now wait two minutes for Acrobat reader to load or take that same PDF and convert it to FlashPaper that loads in Flash player and voila, immediate open of PDFs in web browsers!

Based on the PDF from Harley Manning
with Nate L. Root and Michelle Amato on the Macromedia merger page.

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