Apparently my hosting sucks!

snippets of facial recognitionFirst off, the post. I created today’s work using an original photograph I took of my and my wife’s wedding rings inside of one of the wine glasses I painted that we used to drink wine during our wedding ceremony. I imported the image to Photoshop cropped and filtered and layered til, voila’, something cool. I think the piece has a mysterious sunrise/sunset quality that, given the context of the parts, harkens to the end of our single life and the beginning of our new life together.
Now to the rant about Powweb. Lately I have no been happy with my hosting provider. I have been their customer for over two years now and even host two sites with them, but recently they decided it was a good idea to mess with their servers once a week and my site has been going down during weekday hours in the morning or afternoon. One weekend it went down for over 4 hours and today I was down for TWO HOURS. Now I realize I don’t run an e-commerce site and my life souldn’t revolve around my site, but I pay for this service and believe I deserve at least the level of service guaranteed by the homepage. It would seem that zero-down-time-hosting means down once a week and you better not be trying to run a business. I am stuck with these guys til September, but after that I will be leaving for a better provider if things don’t change. I need warning if you’re going to take down the servers for maintenance. A web forum is not the only way to notify paying customers and should not be used as such. I need to know that you aren’t going to have a server failure once a month. I want the promised zero-down-time-hosting!
Anyway, this work was created March 13, 2005. Click though to see a larger version of the work.

Snippets of me...

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  • Great work Mike.

    As for hosting. When September comes around, or maybe if you can get out of it by bitching about the zero downtime promise, check out . That’s the host I use and haven’t had any major problems. I did a lot of research about hosts when I was looking and after figuring out who the scammers were on many web boards I found many people raving about Rochen. Now granted they also notify you of downtime by Web Forum but if you “subscribe” to the forum about service you will get an email ahead of time. And they have always warned way ahead of time.

    I’m guessing you have a contract which is why you are with them until September. You should read the terms of that and see if the zero-downtime thing could help you get out of it. It would suck to have to put up with their crap for another 6 1/2 months.

    Good Luck!!

  • Powweb has repeatedly deleted my posts that tell the true story of their poor service. The constant server, ftp, email, database problems and downtime. The people

    that work for PowWeb are simply juvenile, and give me and others more energy to continue reporting them to the BBB and all internet hosting review sites.

    I will continue to do so its not a malicious thing, no one slanders powweb, they truly have terrible service and take it out on anyone who complains. They drop the

    ball more than occasionally and dont what confront the fact that we as customers pay for this service and deserve the right to complain when we are done wrong.

    They recently banned me from posting on their community forum. Although they sure took my yearly payment for a site I havent been able to go live with becuase of

    the unreliable service. We’ll I’ll just escalate my complaints… internet technical forums, local news agencies, and national news agencies, in any medium I can.

    this is not just rude or bad buisness practices, this borders criminal.

    Oh and what’s really juvenile to give bad reputation points to users that complain about bad service on the community forums. Now how lame is that.

    Powweb has also violated me, I’m so furious I’ve been prospecting Dot Coms to put a more public face on my, your and probably thousands of others bad (bordering on

    criminal) experiences with powweb. Someone has to take a stand against these criminals (we all should), If not others will suffer just like we did and that in itself would be a crime.

  • OMG, the PowWeb migration was a disaster. I didn’t mind the company previously, but the new one seemed to have no problem turning people off and keeping the money. I had my site go through several migration attempts, but some of the scripts would not clear their automated QA because of URL checking to prevent spoofing. I explained this to their tech support and they assured me it would not be a problem when my domain was flipped to the new system. When the legacy servers started going down in September, I called again to make sure my migration was complete and they said everything was fine. Guess what? Somebody must have forgotten to tag my site as migrated because when October swung by, they deleted EVERYTHING off the new server at the same time they turned off the old servers forever. The old PowWeb used to back up data for 30 days, but were any of these transitional sites backed up? Nope. To make things better, it turned out my customer information was not copied from their legacy systems so they lost all my payment records! I was only partway into an annual cycle and they didn’t even know how much hosting time they still owed me. Their support staff then tried to convince me to sign up again and start over. FYI, the sales guy at my new hosting service was completely apalled to hear this. Everybody here has to make a big deal out of their experiences so the new owners at Endurance don’t get away with this.

  • Endurance did acquire a bunch of companies. I wasn’t affected by them. Who did you end up switching to? I’m hosted with Tigersites and have yet to have an issue with them! I doubt you’re looking now, but thought you should check them out 🙂

    Great artwork btw.

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