What happened to Schleifstein.net today!?

what is up with the design here?!Hmmm, you say to yourself. What the heck has Schleifstein.net done to its design and why does it look like its going through a name change? Today i was trying to fix my brother-in-law’s site to make it look the way i told him i could make it look, but I didn’t have access to the site via ftp from where i was working so i jsut did a sample of the theme i hope he likes and applied it to my site. The left and right menu bars were a biz-natch, let me tell you, but after a number of wasted hours trying to figure out css I finally saw that the original author of the theme used a repeated image to get his really nice bars. Of course i made my own. Don’t worry the theme change is only temporary, but i makes a good post of an example of my design capability. I think it says if you tell my how you want something to look and give me enough time to figure it out i can probably do it. Oh, check out my brother-in-law’s wine review and design blog, AdamDeVaney.com, when you get the chance. He knows more about wine than almost any wino and pretty much any snooty wine “connoisseur!” This work was created March 11, 2005. Click though to see a larger version of the work.

What is up with the design here?!

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