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though i’m sick i will post my costume pics…

iPod shuffle partsI’ve been feeling awful the past couple of days… it has yet to be determined if i am having just a bad reaction to allergy season or if i just have a horrid cold… So, as you may remember, I said I would post some pics of the shuffle costume assembly. My wife and I assembled the costume to wear as part of a fake iPod shuffle advertisement while attending Purim service at Shul, but on arrival we thought better of wearing it as we would of been older than the other dressed up participants by a number of years as most were kids… so we decided to shelf the iPod til the next carnival holiday or masquerade party… oh well… feel free to click through to see some photos taken during the building and design of the work.
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how about a ramble for my own site to break the boredom?

well, i haven’t posted in a while… i was blank for about a week and a half before the free for all and now i haven’t even posted my ipod shuffle costume pics… instead i start to ramble about nothing in particular in order to give you something… how about we think of this as an artsy post because i am speaking like most of the art students i ever went to school with (college, in high school most knew they were full of it)…
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the end of the free-for-all…

hope you enjoyed the FFAF, i know i did… i when around and posted to a whole bunch of blogs about purim and now i’ll thank all who posted here…


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Happy FFAF!

Just hopping around the journals on the FFAF blogroll, passing out chocolate easter bunnies! Hope you are having a great day!

edit:bunny pic was here, but i got tired of it

soniclibra (my journal)

travel made easy

The WordPress theme continues. EVERY single blog I’ve posted at today has been a WP run blog. That’s crazy 🙂 I’m just posting quotes today. 🙂

“Life does not cease to be funny when people die any more than it ceases to be serious when people laugh.”-George Bernard Shaw

Enjoy the FFAF and don’t forget to stop by my site too 🙂 I’m Luka 🙂

Happy Spring!

Hey there, happy FFAF!

This is Valerie and I want to say, Yay! Spring is finally here!

Oh, and happy Easter to you. 🙂

edit:spring pic was here but i got tired of the pic, so removed

Easter Bunny

I think I’m slowly running out of titles, and so continues the endless march towards home, or the blog that I call home anyway. I seem to be getting more and more off topic now, scary, maybe I’m turning into my gran :s

Anyway, carrying on, why do you always seem to make those awful shredded wheat nests just before easter when you’re young? Year in, year out I used to want to make them, even though I didn’t actually like them, I think it was just for the mini-eggs the easter bunny brought…

Happy easter all – Phill @ blackheart