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Artistic Texture

texture on the boardwalkWhew, that Free for all really took it out of me. Its so hard to think of original thinks to post so i had a mental block yesterday. But here, a search of my iPhoto directory found this artistic texture of a boardwalk. What i really enjoy about pictures like this is the feeling of the texture and how you can almopst touch the paint peeling off the old wood. Feel free to leave me comments about work you would like the see in the future including flash or photoshop designs. The photo was taken January 16, 2005. Click through to see a larger version of the work.
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Thanks for the FFAF…

Hop you had lots of fun posting whatever you wanted on my blog and others. i know i did. This Free for all is now offically over.

thanks for posts goes to (links with new window goodness follow):
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want to know more about the free for all and the scavenger hunt we had check out the FFAF site.

this freedom thing

Well, people have been very nice to me, with a number of posts, so I’m making the rounds trying to return the favor. The only problem is that now that it comes down to it, I’m not sure what to write about. I considered blogging the current book I’m reading, Snow Crash a Neuromancer type book that I really don’t have time for. Or, I could go on about the relationships between French, Spanish, English, and Arabic, and the odd ways they connect. Ignoring, of course, how little half a semester will teach someone. Maybe I could talk about Nepal, how we may be documenting the growth of fascism, and the little points of light that can cheer you up. I could write about almost anything.

It’s almost annoying, though. Sometimes, you get into what is called ‘analysis paralysis’, the other side of freedom. Doing what other people tell you is a piece of cake. Sure, every once in a while, you need to stretch and press the edges of the cage, but for the most part it’s a simple, easy life. Never need to think for yourself, never have to go beyond the set boundaries except for a few predictable oddities. Freedom though, whether to write and blog, or to choose a career, or to do whatever, imposes a much more terrifying requirement. Why, a person actually needs to think; the consequences of ones actions are on their own head. It’s much more fun to hitch a ride on someone else’s risks and ideas. It’s empty though, at least for me. Even with the difficulties, the knowledge that every single action I take is mine and mine alone, that I do it by my own free will, is an amazing one. It’s almost frightening, realizing the possible limitless choices.

There is a quote I found, by Theodore Roosevelt, one of my favorite presidents.

“Far better it is to dare mighty things, to win glorious triumphs even though checkered by failure, than to rank with those poor spirits who neither enjoy nor suffer much because they live in the gray twilight that knows neither victory nor defeat.”

To daring.

-john shanks. of Polis.

by call and response

Feel the vibrations underneath your feet. An on ground flight begins tonight. Before you learn how to walk. Before you learn how to rock. You learn to roller skate. You learn to roller skate. You learn to roller skate. Your forward momentun slows. And you travel straight lines. You gotta know how to stop, when you do the bunny hop. Before you learn how to walk. Before you learn how to rock. You learn to roller skate. You learn to roller skate. You learn to roller skate. Loop de Loop. Around the rink, lets go, I go. ~ Rollerskate.

I’m gonna break one of my own “rules” and post the same thing on every single blog, at least this second bit anyway. Don’t forget to check out the scavenger hunt. The clues and blogs are listed on the main page. It occurs to me that I didn’t set up a way to show your results. I figure one the FFAF is over everyone can post their results, then I’ll send out an email, and post the results – to check how many they got right. 🙂 I think that’s the best way. Check it out peeps! 🙂 if you’ve any questions, comments, or concerns. OR if you just wanna yell at me for writing such stoopid hard clues 🙂


The week from Hell!

Gosh, this week has been extremely busy and full of schtuff! I’ve had to do a project, read a friggin boring book, get ready for the book’s test, cook for a class of 20 people, go to an induction ceremony for the National Honor Society, act like a german doctor (take into consideration that I’m african-american)… This week hasn’t been fun. And… to top it all off, I can’t go out today. This SUCKS! Ohh well, it could be worse. I could’ve missed this FFAF 😀 Have a good Free for All Friday.


Robotii Blog

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Heya – this is Marie from CosmoGRRL! Thanks for participating in FFAF at my site…

My favourite Museum is the Warplane Heritage Museum in Hamilton, ON. It was pretty cool to sit in the planes and learn the history of the Avro Arrow, Lancaster etc…