Fire, fire, firewire drive

This week’s recommendation from is the wonderously large external firewire hard drive. I would love to have one of these 250 gig drives to take all my stuff everywhere with me and another to backup all my stuff all the time. LaCie is actually known for their creative industrial design and this drive definitly shows it with the simplicity that seems to match my iBook. On a side note, I an thinking of switching to Barnes and Noble as an affiliate but their links aren’t as nice as the amazon ones. They don’t have the auto updating price or the book cover picture, but their shipping is faster and some of their prices are smaller. Of course as you have seem today, Amazon has a wide range of products, so I think is going to stay amazon but one of my other sites may pick up the affiliation. Remember you can help support this site by purchasing products from the links throughout the site.

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