Constructive Criticism

Today I will begin a new weekly feature: Constructive Criticism. This feature requires me to pick two random words for the english dictionary and enter them into our favorite search engine. Then pick a page from that search at random. Finally, I will select a URL from that search engine page and describe its contents to all. The constructive criticism will include the search words, link to search engine page and of course link to the URL to be criticized. I will list three problems with the design of the site and three good things about the site including but not limited to the content and the over all design of the site.
But first, how can I make critique someone else’s site without looking at my own…

The BAD:
1. site is image heavy and may load slow for some users
2. header includes extremely busy and large image that may confuse some users
3. while content may be interesting to the author it doesn’t seem to relate to the audience

1. good idea to display an artist portfolio as a blog that continually forces the author to create
2. new features seem to appear all the time, including digital art, traditional art, and a weekly recommendation from amazon
3. the use of the up and coming wordpress blog software allowed for great design flexibility.

They say you are your own worst critic and I think I just proved it by being a little to nice to myself. I would love to hear from my visitors. How can I improve? What should I get rid of and what should I add?

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