Cat walk movie project

Cat walk movie projectThis Flash movie was created for a Digital Media project as part of one of my art classes at UNO. First I used a miniDV camcorder to record the scene. Then I imported the video to Premiere. Next I exported the video to frames and used a Photoshop batch process to edit every frame and optimize them. After that I imported the frames to a Flash movie and preformed an opmtimize bitmap function on each individual frame. I added the play/pause functionality and published the movie. The work originally was part of a larger project relating the idea making process to the artist. The project had a navagation based on my face and the movie would appear with a mirrored verision in the lenses of my glasses. I will post another part of this project later. The work was created during the Spring semester 2002. Click through to see a larger version of the work.

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