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site problems

This past week powweb (my hosting company) did a mysql update and went down… apparently they changed some location settings that borked wordpress. We wouldn’t have been effected, but i did the wordpress install myself before it became a standard install option for all sites on powweb (like the install on my dad’s site, buy his book) and so the upgrade changed his settings automatically, but not mine… anyway, all fixed now, yay.more posting soon, via me, maybe here maybe back on WIN… 

Taking back the past

This weekend I decided to return to the past via my phone number. You see, right before Katrina Mandy and I decided to loan the brother in law, Adam, my cell phone. due to the storm I did not get back the phone until very recently. We decided to let him keep it indefinitely and added a third line to the plan for me with a Florida number. The plan was never to keep that number indefinitely, but only until we settled somewhere and then it would change area codes (I have been paying a florida and louisiana cell phone tax for over two years now). Well, since Adam got a new job with a work cell phone he didn’t need our extra line anymore. Since that was back in November and he passed out his new number to all who needed it and since its now March, I figured I could take back the line and return to my pre-Katrina number.Yes that’s right, my cell phone number is changing. If you need to call Mike, call his old cell phone number (the one from way back in the day) or Adam’s old number (the new orleans area code one). If you don’t know what that number is either email Mike at any of his addresses or use the contact form on this page to ping me for my new old number.Yay, new old numbers.  

happy birthday daniel

happy birthday to the best friend a guy could have and the best man at my wedding…happy birthday daniel!

edit, not late, his birthday is today and today is not the 30th… oops

the schleifsteins add a third

The hand of a belle we love.

Mandy and I added another to our family back on October 17, 2007. She’s beautiful and perfect (of course). If you’re on Flickr look for me (schleifnet) and make me a contact (if you know me)… If I know you I’ll make you a friend so you can see the pics… If you aren’t on Flickr, use the contact form to the right to email me to ask for a link to the private gallery (I can give them out to anyone, its just easier if you’re a flickr friend than not)…

dancing sketch man

nothing to see

upgrade time and a 360 complaint

so i’m having problems posting flash in wordpress lately… maybe its time to upgrade and possibly add an actual theme (instead of the default)… now to complain… cnn’s anderson cooper 360 recently started a new video podcast… unfortunately the audio is horrible. the voice audio only comes out the left channel and the soundeffects come out both channels very loudly… please fix now thank you…

The infamous Meta-Free-Phor-All

via Kottke
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