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Sup, just chillin with the boy see below.

Staying awake, barely

Another phone based post coming at ya(now with pics).

Apparently we have reached the point in the toddler’s life when going to sleep easy can only be done with hours of running around and playing. Unfortunately rain day can cause huge issues like last nights I’m gonna scream in this crib or rest on daddy for hours on end tantrum. Ugh. So I ended up getting her into bed at 4am and was unable to fall asleep myself until 6:30 or so, but I think I may have caught a few zzzs while waiting for her to pass out cause I’m mostly rested today…… Mostly.

Anyway if not for coffee and cappuccinos with extra shots I would be dead to the world. Can’t wait to see my first week back at work will be like. I think the wife will have a hardly go of it but I think she will handle it better than I could…

Expect more rambling posts in the future.

This is a pic of annabel asleep in my arms on her 21 month birthday.

the birth of a child means

a return to blogging? maybe, maybe not. I’m thinking I need to start short blogging here again. say a paragraph once a week via the wordpress iphone app spewed out during lunch at work once i get back to work that is… um yeah, baby bump #2 turned into a real boy at 21.5in, 8lb13.5oz just a couple days before the end of june, i attended his bris from the third most uncomfortable position (first being his, second being his mama’s), and now i’m just getting used to being a father in a true nuclear family (2.3 kids=2 kids + 3 cats)… I have less than two weeks leave in my paternity leave and I’m loving every moment I have at home… enough bragging though… is this paragraph long enough? I you want to see baby pics hit the flickr feed and make us a contact to see them or hit me up on facebook (we like keeping baby faces private) back to my fatherly duties, until next time…