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A storybook first birthday


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This past Friday was Annabel’s first birthday. I took Thursday, Friday, and Monday off for an extended Baby Birthday Vacation and lots of family came in for the huge birthday celebration at the house on Saturday. Only my dad and Mandy’s brother Adam were unable to attend, but Adam will be in this weekend to see the baby and goto Voodoo Fest and Dad with get his own belated birthday time sometime soon. Anyway, her actual birthday was Friday (party was Saturday) and Mandy and I took the mostly walking little girl to City Park to play on the swings and the junglegyms and wander through Storyland. The day was beautiful and we all had lots of fun (especially Annabel when she got a birthday blueberry muffin). Be sure to check the Flickr feed now and in days to come for all the birthday pics you can handle. More details after Wednesday’s first year doctor’s checkup.

What pretty colors

this is going home with us right?

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This weekend the three of us went to the Louisiana Children’s Museum for a couple hours to play and look around. It was free due to a donation from Starbuck’s to pay for everyone who wanted to got for a sunday this month and last and next (November 2, 2008). We played in the baby room and got on the cutup streetcar (the same one I stood on for a commercial in the earlier nineties) and looked at the pretty colors (see above) and more.