baby’s legs

baby’s legs

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I knit Annabel some homemade baby legwarmers. I ordered a pair of baby legs for annabel after reading how well they worked for cloth diaper users – much easier than trying to pull some of those baby pants over her big cloth diaper bottom. But, I was disappointed when they came in because they are essentially knee socks without feet. I want something to come between Annabel and the floor when she starts crawling – but the baby legs are so thin they will hardly make a difference – especially for the $8-$18 dollars or so they cost. So, I knit her a pair. The pair I made will actually cushion her knees when she crawls on the bare floor – and most of the places she will be crawling aren’t carpeted so I definitely want some padding. These are just a smidge lose on her – but she will grow into them in about a month or so. I am making another pair slightly tighter (and pink and white) which should stay up a little better. Not to get me wrong – the babylegs are cute – they are just to expensive for how thin they are (plus most of the babylegs are made in China even though they were created by a SAHM and I would prefer to support our economy instead of sending my dollars overseas.)

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  • These are so cute! And what an adorable model you have! I found you on flickr because I’m looking for a pattern for legwarmers (sounds crazy I know but I’m new to this). My sister is pregnant and I want to knit her as many of these as I can before she has the baby in April. Do you have a pattern to share? If not, I’d love to know at least what wool you used and how big these are – everything I knit just ends up way too big and I really don’t want to mess this one up.

    Thank you for any advice you can share. Anna, London x

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