Jefferson Parish screws the teachers

In addressing faculty assignments, Superintendent Diane Roussel has exclusive authority to assign teachers to schools for the next two years. The annual job fair, which is traditionally used to recruit, will no longer be conducted, as all teacher assignments for the coming year will be handled by Roussel.

Teachers with advanced degrees and certification will be assigned in an effort to achieve an equal distribution across the parish, the document says. To achieve the stability required by the order, faculty positions will be frozen for three years after the initial two-year hiring window.

“This is going to help put some consistency in there,” Roussel said.

The order also supersedes the terms of the teachers union’s collective bargaining agreement, which typically dictates transfer procedures, attorneys said. But Roussel emphasized that she was not expecting any wholesale movement of faculty over the next two years.

Officials also mitigated potential problems by prohibiting cross-river teacher transfers as part of the order.


Now what do you think that means? And how can the teachers union protest when its wrapped in a desegregation law without looking racist? How would you like to be told you can’t apply for a transfer because we won’t be posting any jobs only the top person can move you (at her discretion) and then you are stuck for the next 3 to 5 years.

Or you can quit.

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